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Reversing Cognitive Decline

The Bredesen protocol, ReCODE has afforded hope to those suffering cognitive decline. His book “The End of Alzheimer’s” can be found in the reference section. Also see the U TUBE reference “Reversing Altzehimers” by Dr Bredesen MD also in the reference section.

Our understanding of the biochemical and immunologic changes that cause the development of cognitive decline occur decades before symptoms develop. It is recommended that after 45 yrs of age a COGNOSCOPY exam be performed. This includes a functional cognitive assessment and a screening set of blood tests to search for early signs of inflammation and other bio markers before this condition presents. The very best results for treating and reversing this dreaded disease are when it is treated as early as possible.

Altzehimers is a plasticity imbalance affecting memory storage vs reorganization/forgetting. There are multiple mediators that affect this switch affecting the ability to learn and retain what is experienced.

New patients are required to read “The End of Altzehimers Program” or “The first Survivors of Alzheimer’s” by Dr Bredeson in preparation of a screening interview to determine their acceptance into our program. The major components of the program are inclusive of life long Lifestyle refinements of Diet, Exercise (physical and mental), Sleep, stress reduction, social connections, avoiding neurotoxic habits ( Alcohol, smoking, and a long list of environmental neuro toxic elements). My staff will schedule patients for an initial evaluation to determine if patients are suitable for the Recode or Precode programs. We prefer to interview patients before they sign up for our program at apollo.ahnhealth.com.

I am accepting new patients who are seeking treatment using the ReCODE and Precode programs. Please email me and my staff will discuss the program with you after you have viewed the u tube video and read one of the recommended books.  Dr Bredesens books  and UTUBE lecture are listed in the reference section on this site and his books are available at Amazon.

I look forward to working with you in this paradigm changing protocol.