Question and Answer

What do you mean by optimizing health?

As we age, we have come to accept diminished functioning and loss of capacity to do many of the previous activities we did in earlier years. New evidence-based information has provides a deeper understanding of the roles nutrition, physical activity and bioregulatory molecules (hormones) play in wellness and disease prevention. See Rouzier, Neal, MD.  How to Achieve Healthy Aging,  second edition. Salt Lake  City, Utah: Worldlinkmedical Publisher. 2007.

Can optimizing health and lifestyle changes affect the outcome of chronic diseases?

Solid evidence from multiple sources provides evidence that the many . chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and osteoporosis, can be prevented and in some cases reversed. As striking as this sounds, the strategies are not what we receive in contemporary medical care. Ironically we are trained and practice finding and treating diseases. Very little time and effort are available to enable patients to obtain a healthier highly functional lifestyle. See reference section, Caldwell Esstelstyn’s book, Dr Neal Rouzier’s  How to Achieve Healthy Aging, T. Colin Campbell’s book  The China Study.

Is physical activity important?

Appropriate physical activity to optimize tissue repair, healing and optimal functioning are critical to wellness. Appropriate physical activity does not only mean running, jogging or cardiovascular activities by themselves. With aging the activity prescription must be designed to promote metabolic function, muscle functioning, and prevent cognitive decline. See Dr. McDuff’s Body by science…In the reference section

How important is nutrition in optimizing wellness and health?

Nutrition and physical activity are paramount to optimal health and function. The word diet has become a substitute for losing weight in the 21st century. The solid undeniable reality of that construct speaks volumes to the fact that nutrition means the quality and type of foods we eat. The reality of obesity in adults and worse for our children is a direct expression of our standard American diet (SAD). See The China Study, Dr. Caldwell Esstylstyn’s  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease and The Campbell Plan. Thomas Campbell MD.

What do you mean by lifestyle change?

Applying the knowledge, the discipline,and vision to promote personal wellness and optimal functioning throughout your life span. Motivation, desire, and capability are the sole function of the individual. No pill, supplement, hot-shot 45 second advertisement can provide these. Epigenetics is the word describing the importance of what we eat and how we live on the expression of our genetic endowment. Meaning which genetic elements are expressed and which genes are not expressed.

Is anything more important than your health?

Individually we have the choice and responsibility to answer this to YOURSELF.

Are you willing to take care of the greatest gift your mother father and grandparents and your supreme being have given you?

Are you willing to make the commitment of caring for that gift a priority?

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