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  • Comprehensive Medical History and Exam-approx. 30 min. $200, 45 min. $250, 60 min. $300.
  • Regenerative Injection Therapy, Prolotherapy-billed per site and number of areas treated.
  • Digits $250  (+$40 for each additional finger or toe)
  • Small joints $300 (wrist ,hand ,ankle, Foot, elbow, TMJ, tail bone)
  • Medium Joints $450 knee, shoulder, hip.  + $225 for second hip joint.
  • Large joints $650 (neck, mid back, low Back, Groin/pelvic floor)
  • second body Area on same day discounted  50%
  • Caudal epidural ( for low back leg pain) D5W $300 ,Platelet lysate $800 per treatment.
  • Superficial Perineural-billed by time, based on quarter hour rate at $75 per/quarter hour
  • Bio Cellular Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), billing based on complexity and time  $600 + prolotherapy fee.
  • ReCODE for cognitive decline,  Dr  Dale Bredesen protocol, $3400 fee for the first year offering unlimited visits.  Subsequent year fees are generally reduced by 50%, and hourly rates of $300/hour areoffered on a case by case basis.
  • Functional Medicine (Lifestyle Medicine) is billed $ 2500 per year with unlimited visits or $300 per hour. Fees are generally reduced after the first year and hourly $300/hour fees are offered  on a case by case basis.
  • Bio identical Hormone therapies are billed in advance on a yearly basis
    • Generally the first annual fee is $1500 with unlimited visits per year, and does not include lab fees or regenerative injection therapies.
    • Subsequent years  are billed at a reduced rate on a case by case basis as success usually means fewer visits.
  • FREE 15 minute “Get Acquainted” phone visit to discuss the strategies of preventative medicine and optimizing function. Perspective patients are expected to read this web site before our get acquainted visit.
  • My services are not covered by insurance companies or Medicare.  I do not accept credit card payment,  payment is expected at the time of service by check, cash  or Zell transfer.
  • long covid treatment and covid treatment and prophylaxis  30 min $150, 60 min $300.