“My core thinking and goals are sharing these advanced ideas with physicians and patients as they are widely under utilized in traditional medical education and practice.”

Dr. Dominic CostabileFUNCTIONAL and  Lifestyle MEDICINE

  • Optimizing health and wellness with intensive lifestyle medicine interventions and functional Medicine. Reversing cognitive decline using the Dr Dale Bredesen ReCODE protocol, and the DR Shoemakers protocol for CIRS (Chronic Immune Response Syndrome) and CFS ( Chronic exercise intolerance syndromes) and PANS (Pediatric Acquired Neurologic Syndrome)
  • Regenerative injection therapy for chronic musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain.
  • Intensive lifestyle medicine and Functional medicine:  Seeking root causes rather then treating chronic disease symptoms with Lifestyle medicine for optimizing wellness. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  Phytonutrients,Neutracuticals and plant based whole food nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Chronic Immune Response Syndrome. (CIRS).  Dr Richard Shoemaker’s MD treatment protocol. Chronic Neuro-toxin mediated Illness understanding has shed new light on diagnosis and treatment of this diverse family of changing environmental mediated new diseases.

Optimal health and functioning are not enhanced by pharmaceuticals or packaged and processed foods. Additionally functional capacity will be severely diminished by  physical inactivity.

Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy CertificationChronic musculoskeletal pain is complex and is poorly understood by physician and patient.  Failure to heal,   sensitization of the peripheral and central nervous system, and kinetic chain dysfunction are the foundation of chronic pain. Steroids and non-steroidal medications, for example, Advil® or Aleve®  never work long term for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Long term narcotic pain medication is not the best solution for tissue healing and repair and is fraught with tolerance and addiction issues and side effects.

Regenerative injection therapy, inclusive of prolotherapy,  bio cellular therapies and superficial perineural injection when combined with lifestyle changes and physical rehabilitation therapies have proven to be highly effective and safe.

machiavelli“Too many people today are treated for chronic diseases that could  have been avoided. We seek to build a world that focuses on disease prevention instead of  disease management.” (Worldlinkmedicine: the academy of preventative & innovative medicine, 2015)

Please explore the separate sections on this website. Note the section tabs written for patients and Physicians.  Note the  questions and answers sections.

The reference section has information for gaining  an understanding of how these therapies are developing. Numerous advances have improved our understanding of regeneration, tissue repair, Chronic Immune Response Syndrome (CIRS) and  improving, treatment understanding and prevention of many root causes of chronic diseases utilizing Functional Medicine and scientific advances.

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