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Patient Inquiries

My services encompass achieving healthier aging, lifestyle changes, preventative medicine and treatment of chronic disease and musculoskeletal pain. An evaluation with history and examination is required of all patients. We usually do not treat patients at the initial encounter. A plan is formulated after history and examination and review of the studies previously done.

Patients who seek treatment must agree to physical activity to achieve and maintain optimal physical functioning. Their willingness to accept and pursue dietary and lifestyle changes is dependent on each individual. However, this commitment is a mainstay of optimal functioning.

Preventative medical evaluations and treatment plans are generally not covered by insurance plans or Medicare, therefore, I cannot accept insurance plans. I do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid. Fees and payments will be discussed upfront with patients. Payment will be expected at the time of service in the form of cash or check. Patients may submit billing to insurers on their own after payment has been made.

As part of the aging management and formulation of a lifestyle program, I may employ a functional assessment for core strength and physical capacity to perform physical activity. In cases with chronic pain when central and peripheral nervous systems have been sensitized we may recommend activity and behavioral therapy for improvement of pain perception. When patient evaluations reveal a behavioral component of chronic pain, such as depression or posttraumatic stress or life adjustment disorders, I will recommend behavioral therapy when necessary.

Laboratory testing for evaluating chronic disease conditions and monitoring bioidentical hormone replacement therapy when necessary will be ordered and interpreted through our office. As insurers rarely pay for these tests, payment will be required before these tests are ordered through our office and payment is required at the time of ordering these laboratory tests.