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“On April 15, 2015, I woke up with all of the following symptoms; extreme dizziness, vertigo, off balance, blurred vision, extreme fatigue and confusion. As the days progressed, falling, tripping, weakness, depression with suicidal feelings and Pots Syndrome were added to the list. These symptoms came without warning and worsened causing me to voluntarily quit my job and retire to my bed. I got to work on making multiple appointments with board certified specialists from major university medical centers with specialties in infectious disease, neurobiology, cardiology, internal medicine and otolaryngology. Visit after visit, test after test, yielded no definitive cause. Every day was a challenge to get through and there were no options left”

“Dr. Dominic Costabile was working in the same office that I was and had taken a kind and caring interest in me in finding out the root cause of what was wrong with me. We kept in touch by phone when I left my job and I would call him in tears to help me. With patience, talking to other physicians, going to seminars, reading and researching daily, he finally had some clues about what I had and ordered the appropriate lab work. I had multiple symptoms, multiple system problems and it was now almost 4 years since I first started getting sick. Dr. Costabile felt I had Chronic Immune Response Syndrome or CIRS for short. Slowly and methodically, he developed a treatment plan and implemented it. Gradually, I got better. I still have episodes where I have a flare up, but most of the time I feel fine. Without Dr. Costabile and his perseverance and compassion, I truly feel I would still be ill. I am extremely grateful for his expertise and his tireless effort to find answers that enabled me to heal. All of his research enabled him to obtain his board certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine and he became a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.”

-Denise H., December, 2020

“3 years my life was turned upside down, the nerves on the right side of the face had been injured from a dental procedure. I was 34 at that time with two daughters ages 10 and 11. I had been an at home mom their entire lives. The day this happened to me and all the days following I was in severe pain and a prison of pain meds. My parents had to move in because I was unable to do anything. I had gone through every doctor through DuPage Medical Group until they realized there was nothing they could do for me. I then was referred to Loyola which I had seen about 6 doctors with the same outcome. One of their doctors suggested that getting a surgery to cut into my face, cutting the nerve might relieve the pain, except it wasn’t a 100%. Cutting the nerve could cause my face to be paralyzed and it may not work.”

“Now, we were at the point that this may be it, but we got approved to go to Mayo clinic. This was an exciting thing because Mayo clinic is known to have all the answers. We went down there and I was so excited I thought this could be it. After two weeks and many doctors they still had no answers. On the way home my heart had been broken, this was it where do I go from here.”

“If you had ever been on strong narcotics your unable to function and without the meds I was unable to function from the pain. I know you have a scale of pain levels and everybody’s pain level is different but the only way I had always been able to explain it is a knife in my face and as the pain intensified it was as the knife was twisting and twisting in my face every moment I was breathing. Years of this and exhausting doctors, this was going to be the rest of my life. I was just going to live in pain.”

“Until Dr. Towers said that Dr. Costabile does this procedure, superficial PeriNeural injection. Well, what did I have to lose. I really didn’t want to go to the appointment because I didn’t want my heart broken again but my husband kept insisting I do this. I went to the appointment listened and well what did I have to lose. The first time Dr. Costabile didn’t want me to take any meds until my appointment . By the time I got to the appointment I was in so much pain I felt as if I was going to pass out. Dr. Costabile started the injections by the time he was done I looked at my husband and started to cry I couldn’t believe it. My pain level went down to almost nothing I haven’t known what this felt like in three years. I couldn’t believe it but it worked. It worked! I went home actually feeling like a different person. Actually not a different person but feeling like me, feeling like the person I was 3 years ago. I was so unbelievably excited. One part of me was scared thinking maybe it was in my head but after each appointment it got better and better. I couldn’t believe Dr. Costabile saved me. I now can be up when my girls come home from school, and I can take them shopping. I hadn’t said anything to them but they see it. They see a different mom. My pain level which used to be at a constant 7 or 8 is now at a 1 to 3. I am hopeful with a few more procedures the pain could be entirely eliminated.”

“I wrote this letter back in January of 2013 since then I have been in zero pain and off all my meds. I have gone in a few times throughout the years for touch ups but that’s about all. I just want people to know that I know what desperate is. I’ve been there! It’s the horrible feeling you can’t overcome when your in pain. Desperate for it to go away , De


sperate knowing this is it, this is the rest of my life and how can I do this everyday over and over again. I was 33 when this happen to me. Doctors and Specialist told me that this is it!! I will have to be on meds and suffer everyday. Even writing this and thinking of all that happened, all the pain I suffered through for years, brings me to tears but I don’t know if it’s the thought of what I went through that makes me teary eye or if it’s the fact that I’m back to me, back to the person I was and I thank god everyday for putting Dr. Costabile in my life when he did!!”

 I feel like Dr. Costabile gave me my life back.

-Jody, 2015


Two and a half years ago my vulvar pain started. I saw over 10-15 different doctors that were not able to tell me what is wrong with me. They simply diagnosed me with vulvodynia which means vulvar pain. Some doctors even told me it is all in your head. I developed anxiety and depression due to being in constant pain. I was referred to Dr. Costabile by a friend who’s wife was getting treated and has a similar story as in that she saw many doctors and they just didn’t know how to help her. Dr. Costabile listened to me and knew instantly what was going on after treating me with peri neural injection therapy. He additionally treated me with low dose naltrexone and topical naltrexone. I can now say I have more days where I am pain-free then not.  
 I feel like Dr Costabile gave my life back.
Klaudia G. PT, DPT   
Doctor of Physical Therapy  2022