“It is not the years in your life, but the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

The specialty of Family Medicine is unique and provides an unusual opportunity to appreciate the interrelated and complex integration of tissue maintenance and repair that is still poorly understood. In addition to providing long term relationships and services throughout the life span,  the breadth and scope of practice gives one a wonderful advantage to explore the critical bio-psycho-social aspects of human pain.

Preventative Health Care and Optimal health are the Ultimate Goal. 

To a large extent the focus of traditional health care is disease care and focuses on organ system pathology. Root causes and systems biology and interaction are an after thought.

” The danger is not that we aim to high and miss the target, but rather we aim to low and hit it”    Michelangelo



I knew early on in my career something was missing, the ability to practice preventive medicine and  have the opportunity and time to make a difference in changing outcomes in healthcare. I knew that despite little training in nutrition and the numerous guidelines in hypertension, diabetes and many other chronic diseases; lifestyle, nutrition and activity prescription were way down on the list. Very little time could be devoted to assisting patients in changing their lifestyles and the critical importance of physical activity in wellness and disease prevention.

My study of functional medicine and the tool set of thinking about systems biology with focus on the patient provided, a completely new way thinking about root causes instead single organ diagnosis. See Institute of  Functional Medicine. The understanding of the critical role that phytonutrients have in cellular regeneration and repair is a foundational change in my thinking and practice.



My failure to appreciate the impact of plant based whole food nutrition (PBWFN) in optimizing health and wellness has been a foundational shift of thinking. In short, I was only able to practice disease care, with little time or ability to promote preventative health care.  See reference section The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esstelstyn.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

In 2006, I began to begin study a previously unknown (to me) therapeutic tool, Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy). This specialty is better known as Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) which is inclusive of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stromal Vascular Fat (SVF) Therapies, Biocellular Therapy and Subcutaneous PeriNeural Injection (SPI). Click on the blue hyperlink… introduction to pericytes in the reference section.
Learning Innovative Therapies

With the opportunity to practice RIT, I began to understand the role of hormones in tissue maintenance and repair. That provided  an opportunity to meet some wonderful teachers and leaders in this field of treating chronic painful musculoskeletal conditions. My interest led me to at least two conferences per year, traveling to several different countries, learning from leaders in these really little known therapies. I am very grateful to have learned more about RIT, in particular, Prolotherapy and perineural injection Therapy (PIT).
Advances in bio-cellular therapies have been advanced thru research and a clinical registry organized by the REGENEXX group. See the hyperlink in the resource section.

RIT helped provide relief for patients I previously had been unable to help. I have always enjoyed continuing medical education (CME), yet have realized that, unfortunately, much of my CME had been directed by pharmaceutical companies  which indirectly control the purse strings of CME offered to physicians.

Research-based Drug Free Therapies

My introduction to a drug free therapy, which is not widely practiced gave me the unique opportunity to study and learn from a group of exceptional physicians who practice what is called Transnational Research. That is, clinical observations based on strategies that were known to be effective in clinical practice, but brought forth at the clinical level of observation. See introduction to pericytes video in the reference section.

Improving The Body’s Healing Ability

Interventional trials are designed  to provide meaningful clinical data in order to verify the efficacy of regenerative injection therapy through verification with controlled studies. It was clear early on, RIT therapies were very effective, probably in the 75 to 80% range. Simply stated, these therapies optimize the body’s ability to heal itself in certain niches of the body. The body’s own natural tissue maintenance and healing mechanism are unable to complete the job and decrease pain and improve function. In essence, these are disease modifying therapies.
See the hyperlink introduction to pericytes in the reference section.
Dr. Lyftogt’s Breakthrough

Meeting Dr. John Lyftogt in Christchurch, New Zealand, I experienced an extremely intriguing, entirely new paradigm of treatment and theory of medicine in which the therapeutics were directed at the nerve. His central dogma is that the prime contributor to chronic pain is up regulation of the peptidergic nervous system receptors (TRPV¬1), a component of unmylenated C fibers and small A delta unmylenated fibers, as yet to be named for their functional role.

The primal symptom and signs of neurogenic inflammation are pain, dysfunction and the inability to heal. Utilization of dextrose or mannitol can modulate the cation channels of these upregulated receptors and reduce pain. More information can be found at

Dr. Rozier’s Preventative Medicine Practice

Along my journey of continuing medical education, I realized that despite the effectiveness of these therapies, there were certain patients who did not heal as I expected. From those failures, I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Neil Rozier at world link medical. I learned of his preventive medicine practice called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT). In essence, it’s really preventative medicine. The acceptance that poor function and debility are expected concomitants of aging is simply not supported in the literature. His extensive knowledge and study of the available literature, including 18 years of clinical experience in optimizing regulatory molecules (hormones) to increase functionality, has given me a previously unappreciated understanding of the regulatory role in tissue maintenance and repair. Dr. Rozier’s work and available study courses can be found at

Benefit of Plant Based Whole Food Nutrition

Dr. Campbell: Key Role Of Nutrition

Finally, the third component of my self¬directed mini¬fellowship was exposure to Dr. Colin T. Campbell at eCornell. I became certified in plant based whole food nutrition  (PBWFN) through the courses offered by his institution. Briefly, I had not received significant training in nutrition other than the one course in my medical program. Further, much of what is known in the medical world about nutrition seems to focus on diets for weight loss. Very little good study and data exists on the impact nutrition  has on health and disease. Dr. Campbell has spent 40 years of his life in basic science research. He is co¬author of the China study.  For more information and Dr Caldwell’s Reversing Heart Disease and other referenced texts. (Click on the graph above to enlarge.) see introduction to functional Medicine.

It is my goal to share these exciting new tools of practice in preventive medicine and optimization of health. I’d like to offer any physician who wishes to learn more about Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Plant Based Whole Food Nutrition my assistance. Feel free to contact me.

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